The Theorist: Piano Covers, Vol. 16

Piano Covers, Vol. 16

Piano Covers, Vol. 16
The Theorist
Released: 2020-02-26
Added: 2020-03-06
Label: The Theorist
Duration: 47:34



1. Roxanne (Piano Arrangement)
2. Everything I Wanted (Piano Arrangement)
3. No Time to Die (Piano Arrangement)
4. A Muse (Piano Arrangement)
5. Life Is Good (Piano Arrangement)
6. Falling (Piano Arrangement)
7. Run (Piano Arrangement)
8. Intentions (Piano Arrangement)
9. Good News (Piano Arrangement)
10. The Box (Piano Arrangement)
11. Blinding Lights (Piano Arrangement)
12. Toss a Coin to Your Witcher (Piano Arrangement)
13. Dance Monkey (Piano Arrangement)

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