Trey Anastasio: Burn It Down (Live)

Burn It Down (Live)

Burn It Down (Live)
Trey Anastasio
Released: 2020-09-18
Added: 2021-02-17
Label: Rubber Jungle Records
Duration: 1:37:43



1. Camel Walk (Live)
2. Sand (Live)
3. Set Your Soul Free (Live)
4. About To Run (Live)
5. Olivia (Live)
6. Rise/Come Together (Live)
7. Dark And Down (Live)
8. Undermind (Live)
9. Alive Again (Live)
10. Ether Sunday (Live)
11. Plasma (Live)
12. Love Is What We Are (Live)
13. Mozambique (Live)
14. Simple Twist Up Dave (Live)
15. First Tube (Live)

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Album playlist

Individual tracks

Camel Walk (Live)

Sand (Live)

Set Your Soul Free (Live)

About To Run (Live)

Olivia (Live)

Rise/Come Together (Live)

Dark And Down (Live)

Undermind (Live)

Alive Again (Live)

Ether Sunday (Live)

Plasma (Live)

Love Is What We Are (Live)

Mozambique (Live)

Simple Twist Up Dave (Live)

First Tube (Live)