Mike Shinoda: Dropped Frames, Vol. 3

Dropped Frames, Vol. 3

Dropped Frames, Vol. 3
Mike Shinoda
Released: 2020-09-09
Added: 2021-02-17
Label: Kenji Kobayashi Productions
Duration: 36:46



1. Dream Fragment
2. Sound Collector
3. Dust Code
4. No Delete
5. Robot Yodel
6. Vibe Train
7. Mike’s Gonna Mike
8. Shoreline
9. Goodbye Cow
10. Genesis Supernova
11. Sidechain Gang
12. Overcast
13. A Thousand Jams
14. License to Waltz

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Album playlist

Individual tracks

Dream Fragment

Sound Collector

Dust Code

No Delete

Robot Yodel

Vibe Train

Mike’s Gonna Mike


Goodbye Cow

Genesis Supernova

Sidechain Gang


A Thousand Jams

License to Waltz