Matt Berry: Phantom Birds

Phantom Birds

Phantom Birds
Matt Berry
Released: 2020-07-06
Added: 2021-02-17
Label: Acid Jazz UK
Duration: 33:44



1. Something In My Eye
2. You Danced All Night
3. Phantom Birds
4. Moonlight Flit
5. Man Of Doom
6. Where’s My Love?
7. Take A Bow
8. Intermission
9. Hail To The King
10. In My Mind
11. That Yellow Bird
12. Waving Goodbye
13. Covered In Clowns

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Album playlist

Individual tracks

Something In My Eye

You Danced All Night

Phantom Birds

Moonlight Flit

Man Of Doom

Where’s My Love?

Take A Bow


Hail To The King

In My Mind

That Yellow Bird

Waving Goodbye

Covered In Clowns