Heathen: Empire of the Blind

Empire of the Blind

Empire of the Blind
Released: 2020-06-26
Added: 2021-02-15
Label: Nuclear Blast
Duration: 47:16

Thrash Metal


1. This Rotting Sphere
2. The Blight
3. Empire of the Blind
4. Dead and Gone
5. Sun in My Hand
6. Blood to Be Let
7. In Black
8. Shrine of Apathy
9. Devour
10. A Fine Red Mist
11. The Gods Divide
12. Monument to Ruin

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Album playlist

Individual tracks

This Rotting Sphere

The Blight

Empire of the Blind

Dead and Gone

Sun in My Hand

Blood to Be Let

In Black

Shrine of Apathy


A Fine Red Mist

The Gods Divide

Monument to Ruin