Cliff Abbott: Daddy’s Pocketknife

Daddy’s Pocketknife

Daddy’s Pocketknife
Cliff Abbott
Released: 2020-08-10
Added: 2021-02-15
Label: Cliff Abbott
Duration: 37:33



1. Heartache Hurricane
2. Carolina Jasmine
3. Going Away
4. Daddy’s Pocketknife
5. American Trucker
6. January Rain
7. Explorer
8. Last Goodbye
9. Running to You
10. I’m in Love with Her Again
11. Crazy Woman
12. Love You for a While

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Album playlist

Individual tracks

Heartache Hurricane

Carolina Jasmine

Going Away

Daddy’s Pocketknife

American Trucker

January Rain


Last Goodbye

Running to You

I’m in Love with Her Again

Crazy Woman

Love You for a While