Busty and the Bass: Eddie


Busty and the Bass
Released: 2020-08-14
Added: 2020-10-27
Label: Arts & Crafts Productions Inc.
Duration: 48:06

Electronic Hip Hop Funk / Soul


1. Out Of Love [feat. Macy Gray]
2. Kids
3. Baggy Eyed Dopeman [feat. George Clinton]
4. Clouds [feat. Amber Navran]
5. Little Late
6. Eddie
7. Figure It Out
8. Time Don’t Make Me A Stranger
9. ET [feat. Jafé]
10. Go So Far [feat. Illa J & Jon Connor]
11. Summer
12. Cold Night

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Album playlist

Individual tracks

Busty and the Bass - Out of Love ft. Macy Gray (Official Video)

Busty and the Bass - Kids (Official Audio)

Busty and the Bass (feat. George Clinton) - Baggy Eyed Dopeman (Official Audio)

Busty and the Bass - Clouds ft. Amber Navran

Little Late


Figure It Out

Time Don’t Make Me A Stranger


Go So Far


Cold Nights