Soom T: The Arch

The Arch

The Arch
Soom T
Released: 2020-02-21
Added: 2020-10-08
Label: Kunta Production / RM Records under exclusive license to X-Ray Production
Duration: 43



1. Original That’s Me
2. Salute to the Boss
3. Sold Out to the Devil
4. I Saw a Sign
5. Love the People
6. Likkle England
7. What Do I Do
8. Master of Your House
9. Son Finger
10. Vampire of the Empire
11. World Be Better
12. Far From Home

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Album playlist

Individual tracks

Soom T - Original That’s Me (Official Video)

Salute to the Boss

Soom T - Sold Out To The Devil (Official Video)

I Saw a Sign

Love the People

Likkle England

What Do I Do

Master of Your House

Son Finger

Vampire of the Empire

World Be Better

Soom T - Far From Home (Official Video)