Hurts: Faith


Released: 2020-06-24
Added: 2020-10-01
Label: Lento Records
Duration: 44:45

Electronic Pop


1. Voices
2. Suffer
3. Fractured
4. Slave to Your Love
5. All I Have to Give
6. Liar
7. Somebody
8. Numb
9. Redemption
10. White Horses
11. Darkest Hour

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Album playlist

Individual tracks

Hurts - Voices (Official Lyric Video)

Hurts - Suffer (Official Audio)

Hurts - Fractured (Official Audio)

Hurts - Slave to Your Love (Official Audio)

Hurts - All I Have To Give (Official Video)

Hurts - Liar (Official Audio)

Hurts - Somebody (Official Video)

Hurts - Numb (Official Audio)

Hurts - Redemption (Official Video)

Hurts - White Horses (Official Audio)

Hurts - Darkest Hour (Official Audio)