Toyah: Love Is the Law

Love Is the Law

Love Is the Law
Released: 2020-08-25
Added: 2020-08-25
Label: Safari Records
Duration: 1:13:33

Indie & Alternative Alternative Rock New Wave & Post-Punk


1. Broken Diamonds
2. I Explode
3. Rebel of Love
4. Rebel Run
5. Martian Cowboy
6. Dreamscape
7. Time Is Ours
8. Love Is the Law
9. Remember
10. The Vow
11. To the Mountains High (Bonus track)
12. Baptised in Fire (Bonus track)
13. Haunted (Bonus track)
14. Be Proud, Be Loud (Be Heard) (Bonus track)
15. Laughing with the Fools (Bonus track)
16. Urban Tribesmen (Bonus track)
17. The Furious Futures (Bonus track)
18. Stand Proud (Bonus track)
19. Ieya 1982 (Full length version) (Bonus track)

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