Prefuse 73: Security Screenings

Security Screenings

Security Screenings
Prefuse 73
Released: 2006-01-24
Added: 2020-01-02
Label: Warp Records
Duration: 41:26

Dance & Electronic Rap & Hip-Hop


1. The Letter: "P"
2. With Dirt And Two Texts - Afternoon Version
3. Illiterate Interlude
4. Keeping Up With Your Quota
5. No Special Bed
6. Weight Watching
7. When The Grip Lets You Go
8. Another One Long Gone
9. Always It’s Gonna Be Like That
10. Creating Cyclical Headaches - with Four Tet (Keiran Hebden)
11. Awakening To A.....
12. With Dirt And Two Texts - Later Version With Love
13. No Origin
14. One Star And Three Stripes
15. Mud In Your Mouth
16. Breathe
17. Matrimonioids.....(For Elivin+ Susana Estela)
18. We Leave You In a Cloud Of Thick Smoke And Sleep Outro

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