Creedence Clearwater Revival: KSAN FM 1971 (live)

KSAN FM 1971 (live)

KSAN FM 1971 (live)
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Released: 2020-03-31
Added: 2020-04-17
Label: Cult Legends
Duration: 56:25



1. Born On The Bayou (live)
2. Green River (live)
3. It Came From Out Of The Sky (live)
4. Don’t Look Now / Door To Door (live)
5. Travelin’ Band (live)
6. Fortunate Son / Commotion (live)
7. Lodi (live)
8. Bad Moon Rising (live)
9. Proud Mary (live)
10. Up Around The Bend (live)
11. Hey Tonight (live)
12. Sweet Hitchhiker (live)
13. Keep On Chooglin’ (live)

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